Top Tips to Delay Aging

Top Tips to Delay Aging

Unfortunately, ageing is an unavoidable reality of existence… Despite this, it does not have to be all doom and gloom, as there are specific actions you can incorporate into your routine to help you maintain your youthful glow for many years to come. While we cannot halt the ageing process entirely, there are strategies to age gracefully. We’re going to provide our top tips in this post!

How Is the Aging Process Defined?

To begin, we must understand what happens to our skin as we age. Our skin begins to produce less collagen and elastin in our mid-to-late-twenties. These are the components that contribute to the suppleness, firmness, and resilience of your skin. In our late twenties, most of us begin to see symptoms of ageing, and many people choose non-surgical enhancements such as anti-wrinkle injections. If you are looking for a change – Join  HIFU training today!  

As we age, our skin changes in appearance and feel. For example, you may notice that your skin becomes coarser and drier as a result of the treatment. This change in texture is caused by your skin producing less oil than it used to, giving it a more textured appearance. Additionally, you may observe pigmentation signs such as age spots and melasma developing on your skin due to previous sun exposure. You may also be concerned about volume loss. As we age, our tissues lose volume, giving us a more sunken appearance.

Our Top Suggestions

1. Reduce alcohol consumption and abstain from smoking

This should be self-evident, yet it bears repeating. While moderate alcohol use is OK, it is advisable to limit consumption to a minimum for maintaining healthy skin. This is because alcohol dehydrates the body, which causes the skin to deplete as well. This might have a significant effect on your appearance over time. When your skin is dehydrated, it lacks the necessary moisture to restore itself and maintain its suppleness and firmness. As a result, when your skin is dry, you will notice that fine lines and wrinkles become more visible, and your skin feels harsher.

Profhilo is an incredible therapy that our skin clinics offer. It works by rehydrating the skin’s tissues with a high quantity of hyaluronic acid. This provides the skin with much-needed moisture and contributes to the skin’s firmness and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. You may learn more about Profhilo by visiting their website.

Smoking is the ultimate antidote to youthful skin. Whether you eat healthfully, exercise consistently, and maintain an effective skincare routine, smoking will destroy all of your excellent work. It is one of the primary causes of accelerated ageing and a plethora of other medical problems. Cigarettes contain thousands of compounds that, when inhaled, cause the entry of free radicals and oxidative stress into the tissues of your skin. This pollution damages the skin’s building blocks, destroying the skin’s fibres (collagen and elastin) and causing it to lose its flexibility. Additionally, smoking limits oxygen flow inside the tissues, which contributes to the sallow appearance of the skin. Within a few months of quitting smoking, you will notice that your skin appears more refreshed and has regained some of the moisture it had previously lost.

2. Avoid Excessive Use of Specific Facial Expressions

This stage can be challenging to control, but it is critical to be aware of when you make a particular facial expression, the muscles beneath the skin flex. Over time, these contractions might result in the formation of permanent lines on the skin. While this is a regular aspect of the ageing process, it is also something that may be somewhat regulated.

If you frequently squint your eyes, you may notice that fine lines around the eyes called Crow’s Feet appear. This can be alleviated by wearing sunglasses outside in the daylight or selecting glasses that aid in vision improvement. Similarly, frowning frequently results in the appearance of lines across the forehead. We offer anti-wrinkle injections as a treatment for this condition. Anti-wrinkle injections work by temporarily weakening the muscles in the area that is being treated. This helps the skin to relax and dramatically decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Sun Protection

We are all aware that the sun is a major cause of accelerated ageing… so we must take attention!

All year round, SPF should be worn. This is your only defence against the sun’s damaging UV radiation. However, sun exposure can result in melasma, age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles, as well as skin cancer, so you must protect yourself. To provide the optimum defence, use a broad-spectrum SPF of at least factor 30. We strongly recommend the SPFs from the award-winning brand Heliocare, which are available in various formulations. This page contains further information on our Heliocare SPFs.

A fake tan should always be preferred above a natural tan, whether outdoors or in a tanning bed. Because both tanning beds and the sun generate UV rays that damage the skin’s tissues, we say fake it till you make it!

4. Utilize Key Skincare Ingredients

To ward off the symptoms of ageing and keep your skin moisturized, smooth, and radiant, there are a few elements to check for when purchasing skincare.


Ceramides are fatty acids found naturally in the skin. They contribute to the skin’s barrier strength, which protects it from pollutants and oxidative stress. When used in skincare, they help build the skin’s moisture barrier and seal the necessary hydration. Ceramides are frequently found in cream form, so keep an eye out for them while shopping for a moisturizer.

Sodium Hyaluronate

Hyaluronic acid is a humectant that occurs naturally in the human body. Its primary purpose is to attract and hold water within the skin’s tissues, making it the ultimate hydrator… This is why it is the primary ingredient in dermal fillers!

When applied topically, it quickly hydrates the skin. It can also help maintain the firmness and suppleness of the skin by stimulating the formation of collagen and elastin when taken frequently.

Hyaluronic acid is most frequently available as a serum that can be administered every day beneath your moisturizer. Juliette Armand’s is one of our favourites.


In the realm of skincare, retinol is a superhero. Retinol, derived from Vitamin A, helps resurface the skin, hence addressing age-related issues such as fine lines and wrinkles, discolouration, and dull skin. In addition, retinol stimulates the formation of new, healthy skin, giving you that healthy, youthful glow. Our preferred Retinol is Obagi’s Retinol 1.0 Cream, which is a mild but effective medication.